Passport – Kashmir Verification issue

August 26, 2006

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Arun Mishra    




e,. o. 2379 2357         


NEW DELH {-1100

DO No 361/6/1/2004-TS        , ;         12 September 2005


Dear Shri Kaw,

Please refer to your letter No. 393-(E1) 2005 dated June, 2005 addressed to Cabinet Secretary, regarding harassment of migrant Kashmiri Hindus due to issuance of orders for verification of passport applications of k’ashmiris by the local authorities of Kashmir Valley, where they were born.

2. In this connection, the existing instructions from Cabinet Secretariat have been checked. Matter was also taken up with Ministry of Home Affairs and they, too, have confirmed that no such instructions have been issued by them or by the Government of J&K. Passport are i’ based. on affidavits local address in
Delhi arid other details given in the application form.

3. However, as per standing instructions in force for several years, in case of a permanent address / link or contact address in J&K, verification is done subsequently after the issue of Passport. If any adverse facts come to notice at that time, action as required is taken.

4. – In view of the above, I am desired to request that details of any case where problems have arisen due to such restriction may be sent to us.

Yours sincerely,

 (Arun Mishra)



Hamesha Afsane Hii Aphsaane They

August 21, 2006

By Dr Chaman lal Raina :

Woh Din Kabhi Bhi Taraane Na tthey,

Hamesha Fasaane Hii Tthey

 Tawaarikh Ke Panoo Ko Kkoliye,

 Sikandar But Shiken Ko But Shikan Naam Ham Kyo pada

Manditr Kitne Mismaar Kiye Gaye —-,

Kya Koi Ginta Hai?

  Gyarah Hi Ghar Rah Gaye Tthey

Mala –Masi Aur Bhanu –Masi  Honaa

Uska Hii Ek Nateeja Niklaa0—– 

Yehii Hamari Dastan Tthi 

 Aur Dastaan Banti Bhi Gayi

Shri Bhat Ek Aaye Tthey, 

 Usi Kii Wajah Se Fasane Mei Bhi Taranaa Dekhaa

Ab Koi Shri Bhat Dikhta Nahi

Yehi Ek Fasaana Hai —-Ha’n Ek Fasanah

What Freedom Are We talking About ?

August 21, 2006

“What freedom are we talking about when the Prime Minister of our country is forced to hide under a bullet-proof glass in order to address the nation? There’s a fear looming in the mind of every citizen of this country that he might just end up in a blast while traveling on the road. Security men are forced to frisk innocent people at airports suspecting them to be probable terrorists. Is this freedom? The freedom that we all cherish is just a big farce. The reality is that the country is sold to terrorism and it is dying a gradual death.”……

…..By Ashok Pandit ( Panun Kashmir Activist & Noted Film Maker )

Fact of Kashmiri Identity -Distortions and Realities [ Rashneek Kher ]

August 21, 2006

Aug 2006

My basic premise for writing this column is that I
agree with Shahnaz Bashir that the concept of
Kashmiriat as pronounced by so called intellectuals is
incorrect. I agree with him on two counts. One, that
the Kashmiriat is an amalgamation of Saivism(read as
Kashmir Saivism) and Sufism is incorrect .Two, it is
used by some intellectuals to present romanticized
versions of history or as Shahnaz has put it “history
is being fudged to suit someone’s interests”.
Notwithstanding my agreement with Shahnaz on the
statements made above I would like to present a
perspective to the distortions and realities of
philosophical, cultural and somewhat entangled
political history of Kashmir.
Kashmir Saivism is a monistic, non dual philosophy,
the essence of which is merging of individual (limited
consciousness) to the universal
consciousness(unlimited and eternal consciousness).Its
essential focus is on recognition(Pratibhjna) and
freedom(Swantarya) is the outcome of the recognition,
since it frees us from bondage of ignorance. According
to Vedanta philosophy, refined soul is God. All divine
power according to the Vedanta philosophy resides in
this physical body. All the grandeur and magnificence
of divine potentialities of the Almighty are present
in its entirety in dormant centers of human soul. He
can be seen only in one’s own inner- self. Our entire
life is God’s direct manifestation. The ascetic asks,
“For whom should we worship (kasmai devaya havisha
vidhema”. The emphatic answer is, we should worship
for the God within us (Atma-Dev). The central doctrine
of Sufism, sometimes called Wahdat or Unity, is the
understanding of Tawhid: all phenomena are
manifestations of a single reality, or Wujud (being),
or al-Haq (Truth, God). It is often understood to
imply that every phenomenon is an aspect of Truth and
at the same time attribution of existence to it is
false. The chief aim of all Sufis then is to let go of
all notions of duality, therefore the individual self
also), and realize the divine unity.It is therefore
abundantly clear that all three philosophies have some
similarities and differnces though it is believed that
Sufism post Mansur-bin-Hallaj had Vedantic influence.
 What I fail to understand is who among the Saivites
has said that Kashmir Savism or Saivism has sown the
seeds of Islam or Saivism is a proto form of Liberal
Islam or Sufism.Atleast I don’t know of any.If there
are any they should be asked to explain the same
except for Congressmen(including Nehru) who have
license to lie.It should also be borne in mind that
the scholars of Vedant philosphy were mostly
brahmins(the brahmins of central India still have
surnames like Trivedi,Dwivedi or Chaturvedi)but had
contradictory philosphies to that of scholars of
Saivism.This is no way meant they were at war with
each other. The Tandav Nach(Nritya,it should be,for
nach means a simple dance which does not essentially
have a purpose while as Nritya is a dance which is
associated with a certain  socio-cultural event and
has a purpose and its own unique style) which
pupotedly the learned scholar has quoted out of
context is a celestial dance the purpose of which is
killing of ignorance.When Shiva dances the Apasmar
Pursh(personification of the ignorant one)is under his
feet.The celestial dance signifies the death of
ignorance, that’s what explainsShiva Sutra (2) of
Vasugupta.-Jnanam Badanah(Limited Knowledge/Ignorance
is bondage) .
I have no shame in accepting that Kashmir Saivism
wasn’t understood by many in Kashmir although people
worshipped Shiva as their primary diety.May I please
know how many Muslims in Kashmir today understand(not
read or pray) the Holy Quran or al Hadith for that
matter.The reason for this is simple,very few of us
are philosophers and people at general have faith and
religion is a matter of faith and not essentially
philosophy.Nonetheless the following verses written
many hundred years after monistic Saivism was
propounded will prove beyond doubt the influence of
Saivism on Kashmiri thought and sesnsitivity.I am
selectively quoting Muslim poets only to prove the
Shams faqir:”Zaanwale kar zaen yaar harmukh vichu
deedar,parde zal az darde naar harmukh vichu deedar”.
Shah Gafoor:Yyoth yith zanamas kaenh chune
larun,darinay darun soham soo;Brahma,Vishnu,Maheshwar
gharun,darinay darun soham soo.
Azad Zargar:Harmukh bozmay chon keel Kalo,Ha valo baal
chas praraeney
Ahmed Shah Batwari:”Vishnas ti Krishnas Raesh
Maidanas,Mahaganesh tate kas kare namaskar;Gange-raaz
byuthum Gange-bal thanas,jan chum mileth jahaanas
Ayub Betab:”Dyanas manz mas shankar chunho parvati
mozaan,kamdevas van baan chalevaeth yokun karehaes
Leave alone Kashmiri poets,Ali Mardan Khan the Afghan
general wrote “Huma aasli maheshawar boodh ki shab
shahe ki man deedam.Ajab sansayase deedam namo
narayane guftam.”
We have countless verses to support this.Swoch
Kral,Mahmud Gami,Wahab Khar,Samad Mir,Nyam Saeb,Rahim
Saeb,Ahmed Dar and many others have been ifluenced by
saivism abd the clear reflection is shown in their
pieces of work.
Does one have to say more?So much so for philosophy.
Kashyap Bandhu is deeply revered by Pandit community
for his yeoman’s contribution to curtail ceratin
wasteful rituals and dresses.His contribution to the
Pandit community as an educationist and social
reformer is also hailed.So is Jialal Kilam’s
contribution.Mr.Bazaz seems to be the flavour around
which Shahnaz has cooked his pudding.Mr.Bazaz holds
the same reputation among pandits as does Mr.Salman
Rushdie among Muslims.I think it would be improper for
me to qoute anything from the Satanic Verses for it
will hurt the sensibilties of my Muslim brethern..As
regards availabilty of Shavite material and
knowledge,Mr.Bazaz was deeply mis-informed.For almost
all major universities from Germany to Spain to United
States teach Kashmir Saivism as a subject.New York
State University even celebrates all major festivals
and birthdays of Shaivate scholars right from Acharya
Abhinavgupt to Swami Laksman joo.It has been written
that Avantivarman was a brahmin and he massacared
Buddhists.Kalhan who has been dispassionate and
objective while writing Rajatarangni(read IV 715 to 19
and V 1-144) has made no such mention of Avantivarman
killing Buddhists.It is obligatory on the scholar to
mention the source of his/her research unless he/she
himself travels back in time to see everything.
As for people welcoming Islam with open arms and
converting of free will please read the following.The
source of the texts is Bahiristan-i-Shahi.I am quoting
without even changing a line.
“Sultan Shihabu’d-Din addressed himself to such works
as would help him get peace in the world hereafter. He
arranged a tomb and a burial place for himself to be
used after his death. Towards the fag end of his life,
he was infused with a zeal for demolishing idol-houses
and destroying the temples and idols of the infidels.
He destroyed the massive temple at Beejeh Belareh [31]
(Bijbehara). He had designs to destroy all the temples
and put an end to the entire community of the
infidels.[32] “
“Again it needs to be recorded that for some of the
time which the holy Amir spent in Kashmir he lived in
a sarai at ‘Alau’d-Din Pora. At the site where his
khanqah was built, there existed a small temple which
was demolished and converted into an estrade on which
he offered namaz (prayer) five times a day and recited
portions of the Qur’an morning and evening. Sultan
Qutbu’d-Din occasionally attended these congregational
“ [It may be recorded] that the temples of
idol-worshippers, which had been destroyed and razed
to the ground by the religious-minded and
justice-loving Sultan Sikandar- God bless his grave
and bless him-had been rebuilt and rehabilitated by
Zainu’l ‘Abidin. He had permitted idolators and
polytheists to revive the practices of infidelity and
they had propagated heresy (kufr) and false religion
(din-i batil). With the support of some more
kings,[96] the infidels had flourished day after day.
But with the support and authority of Malik Musa
Raina, Amir Shamsu’d-Din Muhammad undertook a
wholesale destruction of all those idol-houses [97] as
well as the total ruination of the very foundation of
infidelity and disbelief. On the site of every
idol-house he destroyed, he ordered the construction
of a mosque for offering prayers after the Islamic
For details of forcible conversion of Hindus to Islam
and their massacre in case they refused to be
converted, see Tarikh-i-Hasan Khuihami; pp. 178-80.
One significant detail is that three kharwars (one
kharwar is approximately equal to eighty kilograms) of
Hindu ceremonial thread (zunnar) were burnt by Sultan
Sikandar. (Tarikh-i-Hasan Khuihami, Pir Ghulam Hasan,
Vol II, RPD,* Srinagar 1954.)
Regarding aborigines of Kashmir, Nilamatapurana and
Buddhist texts are the main source of  infornation.
According to Nilmatapurana and various Buddhist texts
it is Vishnu who after killing Jalodbhava(the water
demon) crowned Nila Naag as the king of Kashmir.It is
Nila,who invited the Brahmin Chandradev to Kashmir. As
for Pischasas,Buhler says’They were a tribe living in
what can be called present day Kafirstan. They ate raw
human flesh and drink blood.They constantly attacked
various habitations and Kashmir was one of them”That
we still called a blood sucking insect as pisch in
Kashmir proves that this tribe drank human blood”.If
someone wants to be quoted as their descendant it is
for him or her to decide. It is preposterous, almost
laughable to say that Aryans were Brahmins when we
clearly know of the varna (caste) system from various
texts of the Aryans. In Kashmiri I would say” Mae chu
aeme kathe seet kit kit gachaan”.The very basis of
Aryan theory is contested now. Excavations have shown
worship of ring stones(mother goddess
cult)lingas(erect phallus) and the seal of
pashupat(the protector of livestock)are traits common
to vedic people and people of Indus valley
civilization. Indologists like Max Muller have
propounded the Aryan myth to divide people of the
sub-continent.If Aryans would have killed or forced
Dravidians to flee I wonder if they would have
worshipped same god-Shiva.
It is my earnest request that we must look at history
objectively and not quote what suits us. Half baked
understanding of complex philosophies and intentional
distortion of history will get us nowhere. Kashmir
stands at cross-roads. Let us not add to the misery of
Kashmir desa. It is for the readers to decide who are
the illegal citizens, the people who were born here or
the ones who came from Arabia or Persia or Panjab.The
earth has never been anyones’. It has always changed
hands. Who would have one day imagined the world
without the great Roman Civilizations or Greeks or the
Gov Mansur fana,vyodun huvey hyond musalmano;
Ann Paranas chune manah,chune gudrun chaye
rozaano(Ahmed Shah Batwari)