Passport – Kashmir Verification issue

passport.JPGPlease Click On Image to Get the Original Letter

Converted Text :

Arun Mishra    




e,. o. 2379 2357         


NEW DELH {-1100

DO No 361/6/1/2004-TS        , ;         12 September 2005


Dear Shri Kaw,

Please refer to your letter No. 393-(E1) 2005 dated June, 2005 addressed to Cabinet Secretary, regarding harassment of migrant Kashmiri Hindus due to issuance of orders for verification of passport applications of k’ashmiris by the local authorities of Kashmir Valley, where they were born.

2. In this connection, the existing instructions from Cabinet Secretariat have been checked. Matter was also taken up with Ministry of Home Affairs and they, too, have confirmed that no such instructions have been issued by them or by the Government of J&K. Passport are i’ based. on affidavits local address in
Delhi arid other details given in the application form.

3. However, as per standing instructions in force for several years, in case of a permanent address / link or contact address in J&K, verification is done subsequently after the issue of Passport. If any adverse facts come to notice at that time, action as required is taken.

4. – In view of the above, I am desired to request that details of any case where problems have arisen due to such restriction may be sent to us.

Yours sincerely,

 (Arun Mishra)



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